Wholesale Sales

Prairie Quinoa Policy #05 – Wholesale Sales

Wholesale Quinoa – Prairie Quinoa
Amber Quinoa from Prairie Quinoa is available in wholesale quantities.
All retail packages of Amber Quinoa sold directly on this Prairie Quinoa web-site are grown in Canada.
Wholesale sale of Amber Quinoa is in:
-Amber Quinoa in 5, 10 & 11.4 (25 lb) kg poly bags and sold at a pallet at a time – 1000 lbs/pallet.
-Amber Quinoa retail packages of 454g – 10/case, 100 cases per pallet.
Contact us @ info@prairiequinoa.ca or call @ 204 239-1768
All of our products are produced in a gluten-free facility and are certified by testing done by SGS to Versatox Elisa Gliadin R5 for the presence of gluten.