Amber Quinoa Salad

A cold quinoa salad featuring the flavourful Amber Quinoa by Prairie Quinoa, black olives, feta and crunchy pecans.

Quinoa Summer Salad

A light and delicious cold summer salad with fresh vegetables, perfect for using fresh veggies from the garden.

Seema’s Curried Quinoa

Adapted by Prairie Quinoa from a recipe courtesy of Seema of X-Pressions Esthetique – 5173 Victoria Drive Vancouver, British Columbia

Quinoa and Browned Onion Salad with Apples

If you’ve never had browned onions in a salad, this is the time to try it. Sautéed in mild-tasting canola oil, the onions are sweet and nutty and bring out the flavor of the pecans.

Lemon Cucumber Quinoa

The crunch of cucumber meets hearty quinoa in this bright, light dish that makes for a satisfying meal or side dish.

Amber Quinoa Pilaf

Tangy citrus and fresh herbs round out the full flavour of Amber Quinoa in this side dish.

Layered Spinach and Quinoa Salad

This colorful salad is equally attractive and tasty whether assembled in layers in a clear glass bowl or simply tossed altogether. The combination of yogurt, cheese, vegetables and grains makes for a well-balanced vegetarian meal.